12 weeks can change your life! Learn from a spiritual mentor with 40 years of experience.

Awaken Your Divine Mind

Tap into your True Nature

In this 12 week course you will discover the hidden potential that we all hold. All religions and spiritual traditions (and even many self help courses) teach that we have an inner being. Whether it is called the Soul, Inner Self, Atman or in our case the Divine Mind, it is our connection to God and to All That Is.

When we decide to come forward into a human existence we naturally form a human ego/personality. This is what allows us to be human and to interact with our fellow humans in this fascinating game of life. But this human ego takes over our consciousness and we lose track of the other part of our consciousness – the Divine Mind.

In this powerful training we will get you back in touch with your Divine Mind. You will learn easy but powerful meditation techniques that allow you to begin to bring forward your Divine Self. We will also show you how to recognize patterns in your ego self that block you from connecting to your Inner Being.

Class size is kept small to allow for plenty of time to interact.

Course Highlights

One web conference per week – no software needed just use your browser. Can use your computer speakers and microphone or will also have teleconferencing available.

Each session lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Detailed instructions and coaching on how to effectively meditate.

Learn how to uncover the blocks to awakening your Divine Mind.

Free ebook copy of my Amazon best seller God for Grown Ups.

All sessions available via playback in case you miss a session.

Access to a private forum for discussions with other students.

Access to email me with questions.



Class I Introduction & Overview Existence and Nature of God
Beginning Meditation

Class II – Nature of Consciousness and our Mind
Beginning Meditation 2

Class III – Understanding Free Will
Beginning Meditation 3
Self Observation basics

Class IV – God is Never Angry and does not make rules
Intermediate Meditation
Self Observation exercise

Class V – If God is Love – Why do Bad things Happen
Intermediate Meditation
Self Observation exercise

Class VI – Review and Questions up to now
Intermediate Meditation
Self Observation exercise

Class VII – Finding your Way on the path
Intermediate Meditation
Self Observation exercise

Class VIII Our Human Condition/ Our True Nature
Intermediate Meditation
Self Observation exercise

Class IX – Review of Self Observation exercises
Advanced Meditation

Class X – Practicing Compassion
Advanced Meditation
Practicing Compassion exercise

Class XI – Hold it Lightly
Advanced Meditation
Practicing non attachment

Class XII – Review & Wrap Up
Creating your daily routine
Review meditations
Review exercises


Cost of the course is only $99 per month for 3 months.

To maximize availability for people’ s schedules I offer two sessions. There is one session at 3 pm Pacific (6 pm Eastern) and another session at 6 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern). Both sessions run for 12 weeks (will adjust for holidays).

Please pick whichever session works best for you and that will be the time you meet for the 12 weeks. To allow for plenty of interaction with me and the rest of the class there are a maximum of 20 participants per training session.


For the Tuesday 3 pm training – [wpbuynow product=”1″ button=”1″ track=””]

For the Tuesday 6 pm training – [wpbuynow product=”2″ button=”1″ track=””]


Please note you do not need to be a member of Paypal, you can use a credit card to make your payment and you will be charged automatically and then every month for two more months.


Next training will begin on Weds Dec. 7. If you want to be notified of future trainings and other events please sign up below and you will also receive the first two chapters of my Amazon best seller God for Grownups for free:
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